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SCRATCH (NPC Reg. 2011/134051/08) is a justice program of Die Akker Christelike Kerk (registered as a PBO 930050281) in pursuit of a number of goals and projects.


  • SOCIAL – Provide services for our community. Removing graffiti; maintaining parks, schools, and hospitals, give support to these institutions around us.

  • CARE: Establishing overnight centers, specifically for homeless women and children; taking soup kitchens into the townships; creating rehabilitation centers’ and communities for addicts; and providing accommodation for single parent (mother) families;

  • RESTORATION: to provide help to restore essential services to the different communities; build relationships to bring Christ’s restoration through prayer ministry to our community;

  • ENABLING: Provide, with the co-operation of the community, services, products and knowledge, that will not only assist government in providing work and maintaining law and order, but also to empower all our citizens to make a difference through giving

  • TRAINING: Provide opportunities that will make people aware, to prepare them, and empower them to improve their lives. To give freedom and hope to communities through Christian evangelizing, healing and liberation –  to create a gap for people in the body and community to learn skills and obtain work experience;

  • CHRIST CENTERED:  Establish business and moral standards based on the truth, accountability, justice; and also to understand Christ as our point of departure in bringing hope for healing & restoration.

  • HOME: Die Akker Christian Church, SCRATCH’s home, is associated with justice, truth, combating wrong and restoring the common understanding inside and outside of the household of faith of what the meaning of church/the body is.

A management and administrative platform for your Social development project. Contact us to get involved.

SCRATCH NPC would love to host your Social Development Programme.

We can offer you:

  1. Support with the development of your own programme
  2. Administrative resources that includes:
    • Registered company and Directors that will assist you with all legal requirements hosting a Non-Profit Company; 
    • PBO benefits for your donors; 
    • Your own bank account;
    • Accounting and book keeping services for your project; and
    • Your own web site page on our SCRATCHPAGES website


  1. You must be a member of a church and must have the support of the leaders of your church.
  2. Your programme must take care to enable the community or people it wants to benefit, to be self-sufficient.

What do we need from you?

If you want SCRATCH NPC to be the host of your own Social Development Programme, please contact us on 073 419 2795 or mail us on info@scratchpages.co.za


Windsor Project

Community based lifeskill training, financial skills development and spiritual guidance

Together we care

SCRATCH identified Windsor as a Christ centered community in need of support and outside help. The Windsor West have been successfully running since 2016. Read more…

Farming Gods Way

Sustainable growth through urban farming

Taking hands with communities in urban Johannesburg

Community members approached SCRATCH to start an urban farming project that could generate food for people in need. Together, we build, harvest and sustain Farming Gods Way in Windsor and Muldersdrift. Read more…

Outreach Projects

A community will rise once it regained it's pride and faith in God

Various smaller projects initiated in local communities

Through smaller community based projects, SCRATCH has sparked larger upliftment programmes, as a result of their involvement. Local cleanup, gardening and maintenance projects in Linden are testament to this. Read more…

Contact us to get involved in our projects


Our Nut Mobile project started in 2011, praying for our city’s security at Prayer mobile. The Nut Mobile has been replaced by a 4 x 4 vehicle that will enable us to reach some of the previously unreachable places. We pray for our community (clinics, schools, etc.), as we believe in, and have knowledge of, the power of prayer to establish God’s will and kingdom on earth.

If you want to know more about SCRATCH and what we do please contact us at info@scratchpages.co.za.


Lesotho Outreach

April 4th, 2019|Comments Off on Lesotho Outreach

Listen to one of our team member's testimony:

Windsor Project – Letter of Gratitude

August 8th, 2018|Comments Off on Windsor Project – Letter of Gratitude

Good morning Scratch Team and Pastor Sieg, I just wanted to take this moment to express our deepest gratitude for the power packed ministry you delivered last night at our [...]

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